in 1804 renowned Puritan explore Lawrence temperance Applegate discovered the Arctic territory which later became known the kingdom of the holy islands. They arrived by steamship on Christmas Eve 1804. In 1807 they signed a peace treaty with the Inuit. The Puritans would allow the Inuit to practice their religion in exchange for the Inuit sharing their information of hunting and fishing. the knowledge of  the Inuit help these early explorers survive. Their inventions such as snowshoes, kayaks and parkas are still used to this day. The innuendo also taught the Puritans sustainable whaling techniques however whale meat was so popular in the Empire that the Puritans ignored this knowledge. this led to the extinction of the will species. In 1814 the governor of the territory passed the religious civilization act this mandated the Inuit to convert to Christianity or face persecution and death. Inuit leaders opposed because they said it violated the treaty they had signed. this led to the Puritan Inuit war that lasted from 1815 to 1824. This war was violent and brutal and led to the complete destruction of the Inuit people. this war is now known as the great genocide of 1824. This was one of the worst genocides committed by the Puritans since the fall of Western Europe. The Inuit are what made the holy islands possible however they were ignored and they are wiped out because the Puritans saw them as savages. today other than Inuit technology that we still use very little is known about this unique group. in 1975 during a diplomatic mission a team of pagan scientists discovered the remains of an Inuit community. in 1985 thanks to their findings based published the first book on the history of the Inuit people. this is a rare success because most lost tribes scientists and archaeologists never learn about because the Puritans destroyed all the records. In 1995 this team was arrested in Cape fear and sent to a labor camp. No one has heard from this team since 1995 they are presumed dead is just another aspect of the brutal history of the kingdom of the holy islands

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