in 1701 the Puritans invaded Scandinavia however they were defeated on May 8, 1702.  Following this Scandinavia became a refuge for those fleeing persecution United  Puritan kingdom. The defeat of Puritans  forces in Scandinavia it led to the Scandinavian Renaissance. This event was started by all the intellectuals and artists they came from the Puritan kingdom. People in Scandinavia began to question Christianity because of all the horrible things that the Puritans did in the name of religion. As a result there was the pagan conference of 1705 this led to the creation and re-adoption of older pagan belief systems. People who are Christian were allowed to keep their religion as long as they respected the religious beliefs of pagans and all other minorities. In 1707 the Scandinavian region United and became known the pagan Confederation. This empire was ruled was ruled by religious Council that was made up of Catholic, pagan and Jewish leaders and Eastern religions became the official religions of this region. In 1710 a secular representative was added to the Council. In 1711 the pagan Confederacy became the first Democrat country since ancient Greece. Every five years people elected the councilmembers. Every three years the people in this nation also elected a president. By 1715 the religious Council became ceremonial and represent religious unity. The present became the leader of the pagan Confederacy.  the pagan Confederacy was seen as an evil on holy Empire by the Puritans. Throughout the 18th century the United  Puritan kingdom and the pagan Confederacy  had a number of brutal wars where millions died. By the 1730s both nations were running out of resources and they grudgingly signed a peace treaty. United  Puritan kingdom would not attack the pagan Confederacy as long as the Confederacy then let their residence immigrate to the Empire. by 1741 both empires still hate but they no longer went to war.  however the Puritan empire and the pagan Confederacy instead of going to war began to compete with each other to see which Empire can become a global superpower. Both empires colonized Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. 

Technological advancements


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